Paneer 65 Recipe -- How to make Paneer 65 Recipe -- Paneer Recipes

Hi, Good Evening, Thank yo friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make Paneer 65 recipe.
Paneer 65 is yet another simple kids favourite snack item. One of our neighbouring aunts taught me how to make aloo 65. I just followed the same and made paneer 65. It is served in South Indian restaurants. It is served as starter and appetizer. It is delicious and spicy.

Paneer coated with spices, deep-fried and sauteed with onions and drizzled with lemon juice. Chicken 65 is the base for all different varieties of 65s like aloo65, gobi 65. Those who don't eat non-vegetarian paneer is the option. Of course, aloo and gobi also take its place.

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Coconut Ladoo Recipe -- How to make Coconut Ladoo with Condensed Milk Recipe

Hi, Good Morning, Thank you, friends and viewers, Today I will post how to make coconut ladoo with condensed milk.
This is a very simple and easy recipe, even kids can do. Rather they have to do according to their class 1 EVS - Environmental Studies - text book. When Sahiti and Itihas in their class 1 (now they are in class 5), they have this recipe and tips to follow while cooking and how to handle such hot vessels and protect themselves from burns while cooking.
I still remember that recipe and keep doing it regularly. Coconut is always available at every household during these festive season. These ladoos can also be offered to god during festivals specially Diwali-Festival of Lights.

Papdi Chaat Recipe -- How to make Papdi Chaat Recipe

Hi, Good Morning, Thank you all friends and viewers, Today I will post how to make papdi chaat recipe.
I have learned it from another food blog: spiceupthecurry. I followed most of it from this blog.
It is very tasty and simple recipe. But it involves lot of preparation. So I make it very rarely. Of course, if all the neccessary chutneys are readily available, we can make it easily. The preparation of chutneys can be done a day before. Now a days we are getting everything from the stores. So get them, prepare and serve them. Enjoy it with family members anytime.
Of course making all of them with our own hands is really different and gives immense satisfaction. For that we need to make all of them a day ahead, papdi, green chutney, tamarind chutney, sev, curd and boiled potatoes (of course they are always available in my refrigerator). Chutneys can be refrigerated in an air tight containers for a week. Sev and papdi can be served as normal tea time snacks also if not using them for chaat.

Pani Puri Recipe -- How to make Pani Puri Recipe -- Golgappa Recipe

Hi, Good Morning, Thank you all friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make Pani puri at home.
Pani Puri
I made them long back, but could not post it immediately as I was writing other traditional recipes. Today I have no other recipes readily available, so this occupies.
Pani puri is a common street snack across India. It consists of small puffed, crispy puris filled with spice water and curry. We have to have each puri in one gulp.
It is one of the most favourite time pass street food for many people. We love to hang out and have a chit-chat with friends at chatbhandars(a small street food joints).
We can make puris also at home (that recipe will be posted soon), but it takes longer time. We can keep them readily available a day before making pani puri. I too made them at home and prepared pani puri. But for now I prepared it with store bought puris only.

Undrallu Recipe -- Kudumulu Recipe -- How to make Undrallu Recipe -- Vinayaka Chavithi Recipes

Hi, Good Morning
Thank You all friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make Undrallu or kudumulu.
They are offered to Lord Ganesh on Ganesh Chaturthi. It is on September 5 of this year(2016). It falls on the fourth day of Bhadrapada Masam of Telugu calendar. We have special dishes to offer on this day. Undrallu, Modak and Panasa buttalu are some of them. I prepare undrallu and if possible panasa buttalu (undrallu cooked in jackfruit leaves). As the leaves are rarely available in Hyderabad. Modak, though I am not perfect, will surely make them in my own style. They may be round or oval shape, but not as exact modak shape.

We can use store bought rava to make them. If we are particular about making rava also at home we can make it. Wash rice thoroughly and soak it for an hour. Drain excess water and grind it to make a coarse sooji. Sieve it to remove the fine powder from it. Use the flour for dosa or in anyother recipe which calls for rice flour. Use the coarse recidue as rava.

Fruit Custard Recipe -- How to make Fruit Custard Recipe

Hi Good Morning,
Thank you all my friends and viewers. Today I am posting how to make custard recipe or fruit custard recipe.
Fruit Custard
Custard or Fruit Custard, Vermicelli Payasam or Semiya Payasam and sabudana payasam are the dessert and sweets with which we were acquainted from our childhood. These are all very easy and quick to make dessert and sweets. We need no prior planning.
Custard with jelly and lots of fruits is a delicious and stomach full dessert. Serve it warm or chilled. I like both ways. It is my another all time favourite dessert which can be made anytime with readily available custard powder, sugar and milk.
I thought of posting it long back but a bit hesitated to post because there is no special skill is required and less cooking is involved in making this. So, I keep postponing its publishing though I made it quite a number of times. Plenty of milk available in the refrigerator means that evening surely I prepare it. Top it with lots of fruits and serve it. A small surprise to my people.

Punukulu -- Simple Maida Punukulu Recipe -- How to make Punukulu Recipe

Punukulu is a very nice evening tea time snack. We like it very much, it goes very well with peanut chutney. There are two ways to make these punukulu, one is mixing maida that is all pupose flour with sour butter milk, and the other is soaking black gram and rice and grinding to a fine paste and making them. The second version takes a lot of oil, but the first one takes less oil. Of course it depends on the sourness of the buttermilk. If we use less sour buttermilk it takes less oil and vice versa.

Kandi Pachadi - Menthi Majigga -- How to make Kandi Pachadi -Menthi Majjiga Recipe

Combo Dish Recipe 1

Hi Good Morning Friends,
I am going to introduce some traditional combo dishes here. Passed on from generations, these recipes are as varied in taste and flavour as they are in the ease of preparation. They can each be had with an accompanying rice item, complimenting each other or all together in one lovely stew. Some of these dishes are listed here...kandi pachadi-menthi majjiga, kandi podi-chintapandu pachadi, pappu-majjiga pulusu, patoli-tiyya pulusu, patoli-menthi majjiga etc., if you know any more of these culinary treasures, then do inbox me or post a comment underneath. Enjoy!
Kandi Pachadi-Menthi Majjiga
Here in this post, I will write both the recipes, for easy reference. Just scroll down to get the text of other recipe.
Kandi pachadi is a chutney made with lentils. Menthi Majjiga is thin buttermilk with added spices. They both can be consumed with rice. Kandi Pachadi is served along with menthi majjiga in my house. They are good accompaniments to each other. Not every household follow this but those who like it surely follow it.

Saggubiyyam Payasam Recipe -- Sago Payasam -- How to make Saggubiyyam Payasam Recipe

Hi, Good Morning, Thanks to all friends and viewers. Today I will post how to make saggubiyyam Payasam or Sago Payasam.
It is very simple and easy. We make this when somebody in the house feels sick or not feeling well due to stomach upset. But we do not add milk, cardamom powder and cashew nuts to it at that time. Just boil the sago in water till done and add sugar to it. This will boost the energy levels very fast. We use this during summers to beat the heat and also to keep the body cool. To enrich the taste add little salt and buttermilk to the boiled sago.
The best and quick way of making sweet during any festive season. It is also very traditional sweet in most of the households. Some people add semiya to it, to make it more flavourful. But I do not like it. I like both of them separately, but not the combo.
We can make different varieties with sago also like vada, kichdi, upma and of course vadiyalu or fryums.

Mokkajonna Garelu Recipe -- Corn Vada Recipe -- How to make Corn Vada Recipe

Hi Good Morning friends, Thanks to all my friends and viewers. Today I will write how to make mokkajonna garelu or corn vada.
Mokkajonna Garelu
These are made with maize corn cob. This is the season we get them here in India. They are sold in every local market. We get tender cobs to pressure cook them, add them in sambar or sprinkle some red chilli powder and salt on them and enjoy. We can prepare different varieties of dishes with maize corn like dosa, vada, poori and pakodi. Vendors grill them on charcoal and apply little salt, red chilli powder and drizzle some lemon juice on it and serve. They are very tasty and have to be consumed immediately.
I buy a dozen of them and make almost all the varieties of them. And I grill them on stove top also. Making all of them is very interesting but preparing is a task. We have to deseed them from the cob. It is a time taking process, we do not get the deseeded one like sweet corn. We have to take some time and do it. It is a family job, kids also love to participate in that.
Mokkajonna Garelu
OK, Now is the time to talk about the recipe. These vadas are made differently by different people, some add chopped onion, green chillies and coriander leaves to the batter. Some grind all of them together and make vadas. Some do not add any flour and some add rice flour and besan to the batter. It all depends on the taste and their habits. But the main ingredient should be maize corn. This recipe I got it from my friend Geetha. This recipe is followed by most of the Telangana people, a state in India. They call it as Makka Vada or Makkai ki Vada.
Here in the recipe table, I gave corn measurement in cups only. I took approximately three cobs of corn. I deseeded all the five corn cobs and kept in the refrigerator, took only 2 and 1/2 cups of corn out of them. I still have some left in the box. So this number is only approx figure no the actual figure, please use them accordingly.



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